The following products provide unique solutions to varied applications that we are proud to represent;

Overview of Instrumentation.


Hofmann pH and ORP Controllers.

Hofmann Electronics instrument controllers are Australian designed and locally manufactured for the measurement and control of pH and ORP processes, incorporating inbuilt control action features for efficient and accurate dosing of wet chemical reaction processes.

  • • SMH-2 pH/mV/ORP Meter and Simulator.
  • • DPH-64 pH/ORP Controller dual acting.
  • • DPH-4 pH/ORP/mV Dual controllers.
  • • PMH-2 pH/ORP/mV controller dual acting.
  • • PTH_MTH-1 pH ORP Transmitter.
  • • CTH-2-6T Cooling Tower Controller.
  • • PMV-1 ORP/mV controller single action.
  • • PPH-1 pH controller single action.



Testronics DIGITEMP Universal Temperature Controller.

Testronics DIGITEMP Universal Temperature Controller is ready for direct application use right "out of the box". Supplied as a PID temperature controller with an integrated Solid State Relay both mounted in a robust enclosure. Simply plug in the included utility RTD or Thermocouple probe, wire in the heat load with the parts supplied and the unit is ready to operate.

  • • TT-200TTC/P/SSR T-type thermocouple probe.
  • • TT-200KTC/P/SSR K-type thermocouple probe.
  • • TT-200RTD/P/SSR 3 wire RTD controller probe.